​​This picture was taken in April 2009 at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, a few days after I'd awoken from a coma following my brain haemorrhage. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of my brush with death, I'm planning to run a marathon. I've not yet decided which marathon. London, of course, would be the best, but places are limited and I have to accept that I may have to settle for something else. 

My plan would be to raise money for the Brain and Spine Foundation, to help those who have not been as lucky as me in making a virtually full recovery. My biggest hurdle is nothing to do with my illness and subsequent brain surgeries (twice whilst awake - I'm proud of that!), but that of running injuries. After managing to run the Cardiff 10km in the 1980s, when I was in my mid-20s, in under 40 minutes with relatively little training, I developed a knee injury which would prohibit me from running much over 1km without having to stop completely. 

Having given up running for over 30 years, I have discovered that the problem was less to do with my knee and more to do with my running style which was creating too much impact as my heels struck the ground. 

Now, with a new streamlined running technique involving minimal ground impact, three Parkruns, some hard solo training, joining a local running club in Newport (Lliswerry Runners) and the assistance of my good friend, Team GB duathlete and running coach, Martin Davies from Eastleigh Harriers, I have managed to go from couch to 16km in exactly SEVEN weeks. I also have to thank the fact that, whilst taking no personal credit, I am lucky to have a natural long distance runner's physique and the ability to build up stamina very quickly. As long as I can keep my joints functioning properly, I have no doubt in my mind that a marathon is easily within my capabilities well before 2019.

6th August 2018

Watch this space for further developments
I created this whilst thinking about Martin Davies in the 1980s when he'd completed the London Marathon in 2 hours and 36 minutes. If at first you don't understand it, give it 30 seconds or so and all will become clear.
The Reeboks Song